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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Wire

In any design that requires electricity, small details are crucial. One of these details is using the appropriate wire for each specific application. Multiple stranded LED landscaping lighting wire, and wire connectors are offered by Atlas Landscape Lighting Supply to help you meet the specifications of your particular project.

Multiple-strand low voltage wire is designed for direct burial, and fashioned from pure, extruded copper. Atlas Supply offers it in eight awg, 10 awg, 12 awg and 14 awg strand varieties, on spools of 100, 250 or 500 feet. This is the product ideal for use when routing many elements into a central point. For lighting projects, you’ll want to purchase specifically designed wire for the task. This is available in spools of 100, 250, or 500 feet.

Wire connectors and wire nuts are essential details in any electrical project. Atlas Supply offers two varieties of wire connectors that don’t require wire nuts and are rated for projects that might expose wiring to moisture, such as lights in or around water features. They offer guaranteed connection and offer an effective seal to protect the joined ends of stripped wiring. They are corrosion proof and help to reduce the risk of fire.