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Halogen Spot Lights

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Pinnacle Lighting Outdoor Spot Lights

Much in the same way that interior lighting designs have layers of lighting types to provide depth and interest, landscape lighting concepts possess equally important elements. Outdoor spotlights serve to highly points of interest in the landscape, either natural or manmade. They create a 3-D artwork of your garden long after sundown blurs most shapes into indistinct silhouettes. Sprinkler Mart offers you seven different highly durable Pinnacle lighting spot lights with which to create your own masterpiece. Crafted from cast aluminum, each light is affordably priced, so you can purchase as many of these sturdy spotlights as your design requires.

There are three different styles available—the Haley, the Hercules, and the Phoenix—and each is subtly its own style, while providing the same high-quality lighting at low voltage. The Haley has a smooth cylindrical body with an angled aperture. Its solid brass construction makes for an indestructable resistance to elemental damage. The Phoenix, which has a slightly different body style, is rated for up to 50 watts, and presents a tastefully bold profile. Lastly, the Hercules presents a combination textured and smooth housing, for a professional appearance which is a aspect of all Pinnacle fixtures.